It's interesting, I have often percieved a lot of the trad culture stuff as being primarily feminine, as in the tradwife: https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/tradwife-gen-z

Here in America (I think you are in the UK, I am not sure), there is quite a culture of religious women embracing domesticity and a sort of back to traditional values lifestyle. On the lefty end of the spectrum, there is a whole hippie culture of embracing back-to-the-land agricultural practices, though their sexual, gender, and economic policies are often quite different. At any rate, there are all kinds of lifestyle blogs around this kind of thing, usually written by women.

And of course there are the anarcho-primitivists on the left, who literally (I think) want to return to being hunter-gatherers, or maybe only gatherers, because some of them are vegan. Those tend to be men, from what I've observed.

I myself often have quite a bit of nostalgia for earlier, pre-modern times, as I suppose does anyone who is interested in history. That is not to say that I would want to give up all my modern amenities (not to mention human rights) to go back. But I do think there's a lot we could learn from earlier eras and incorporate into our present lives, and we may well have to, in the face of climate change and the decline of oil production.

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Yes the anarcho-enviro strain of this is something I've read less about.

You're right about the trad wife thing, I see a lot of it online (it's usually as you say explicitly Christian, at least those I'm familiar with).

The male version can be faith based but there's also a more atheistic version, seems to be more about wanting a patriarchal system to return. When I've seen it espoused it's often by the kind of dudes who talk about "alphas" etc. The idea that it's today's world that's wrong, and they'd be a winner in another era, is obviously the undertone.

I guess I'm also a nostalgist in vague ways? Perhaps we all are. Our culture is built on old narratives and of course we feel an affinity for them.

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I had a friend who was into Jane Austen and used to say things like "I wish I lived in the 18th century". I reminded her of things like no anaesthesia, no university education for women, etc.

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