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If I were zero in one of these many valid reasons, it would come down to WE. That definition has largely lost its meaning as large parts of society embrace a much more identitarian/tribal outlook. WE most often means US as opposed to THEM.

As a secondary reason, ubiquity of technology and our desire to play gotcha has made it all but impossible for prominent people to evade the rules they have decreed.

Interestingly, as I live in California and have watched Gavin Newsom do this repeatedly, it also seems that what was once known as the media is Gentleman's Agreement has also shifted purpose.

There was a tike when no one would have photographed FDR in a way that showed his disability, much less discussed it.

Now such gentlemen’s agreements are happily ignored if it makes “the other side“ look bad. And if one of US gets caught, well it’s fine if we give them a pass and except their condescending excuses without further scrutiny.

At this point, it is likely impossible that western society at least can abide by e pluribus unum.

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